Kulcha is actually an Arabian bread. In olden days Arabs main course food was Dum rice, later changed to Rotis like Kulcha. When the Mughal emperor conquered Indian land, they brought their Arabian food culture too. North India widely accepted this Arabian food habit.

Kulcha have a speciality. This food can be naturally preserved for a long time. No preservatives is required to keep it fresh for a long time. During the travelling to long distances, it was easy to store and carry for the emperor era. It is similar to cuboose. All the ‘rotis’ of now a days, is Kulcha in real. The time and other factors influenced and changed to call all those bread as Roti.

kulcha recepie

The history of Kulcha changed when it landed and accepted by the Indian people. Well that was not the only change, but it also changed in accordance with the time. From a normal bread, this turned into tandoor food. In the beginning, they made a pit, then fill it with lot of coal, and mud is used to cover. And grill the food. Similar to Kuzhimanthi. Later invented Tandoor stoves, then easy to carry Tandoor stoves. Kulcha, Naan, Roti, Fulka are made in Tandoor stove.

Before Kulcha was prepared with whole wheat. But now a days Kulcha dough is prepared with Maida also. Which is same as Porotta dough. The Kulcha is very rare and available only where the facility of Tandoor food cooked.

Our Speciality – Plain kulcha

Kulcha is oil free, low cholesterol content, as it prepared in charcoal easy to digest. People will may hesitate to buy Kulcha because it is prepared with Maida. But the contents we add in dough makes it easy to digest.

Kulcha Suppliers

People are exploring the possibilities in the current world. Also not scared to challenge their taste buds by tasting new recipes. So this made people to try new varieties. This brought Kulcha here in Kerala Thrissur. The foodies are always with the trend.

Kulcha is Trending!!!

Our vision is to create an opportunity to each normal people to have access to these food products easily. Only by a door to door delivery (home delivery) and interaction could have done this. We did, and this worked. People loved the door delivery system. The quality and taste also made a big impact. Through this Romal Hot Foods gained its brand value. Within the Thrissur district, specially from rural areas we provide delivery. Rumali Roti size, weight and Quality is safe in my hands. Usually people complaints about the thickness of the edges. Here we are able to prepare a perfect one and it is 100% handmade.

Our customers

My customers are spread all over Thrissur. Leading catering companies and Popular restaurants in Thrissur also our regular clients.